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RJA   Quick Set®
Red Jacket Jet Pumps
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For Shallow Well Applications up to 25 Feet DSH*

Primes quickly and easily because impeller and injector are aligned within a case designed for reliable start-up. High head or high capacity performance available.

* Dynamic Suction Head
Water Pumps from Red Jacket are the natural choice of well drillers, pump installers and home owners alike. Built on over 120 years of engineering excellence, the name Red Jacket has become synonymous with quality for generations of customers who enjoy well water. Our SRJ Shallow Well, DRJ Convertible, Quick-Set ® and E-Z Prime jet pumps are no exceptions. They are built tough to get the job done in the most demanding of situations. Whether you need a deep well, shallow well or convertible jet pump, choose a Red Jacket pump generations have come to count on.
Quick-Set™ RJA Convertible (deep/shallow well ) JET PUMP
The Quick-Set Jet is designed and manufactured with engineered simplicity in mind. Red Jacket Water Products has built in high performance, low energy consumption and special features that can substantially reduce installation time. Low pressure/high volume or high pressure/low volume settings can be made by simply selecting the right component and screwing it into the case. There are no more bulky bolt-on injectors or heavy jets with cast-iron injectors to wrestle with.
The Quick-Set Jet also features a lightweight, streamlined case with two discharge openings making the pump easily adaptable to existing installation configurations.

MODEL        HP         Injector Style     Shallow Well Kit           Suction & Disch.                   Price -  Plus*
50RJAH       1/2          High Pressure         1440795 (54.00)               1¼” x 1”                          $ 681.00
50RJAC       1/2          High Capacity         1440805      "                        "                                $ 681.00

75RJA          3/4         Combination            1440815      "                   1¼” x 1”                          $ 808.00       BUY

100RJA         1           Combination            1440815      "                       "                                 $ 955.00
Requires either a shallow well or deep well injector assembly.
Prices do not include shipping or injector if required.
Pumps for flooded suction booster service do not require injector.

MODEL          HP          Style                     Includes Intregal                    Suction & Disch.                    Price 
                                                                    Shallow Well Injector                     1¼” x 1”
  502SWH            1/2
  502SWC            1/2

  752SWH            3/4
  752SWC            3/4

  1002SW             1

  1502SW          1 1/2        

                                                                                                                        Prices are plus shipping

$  552.00



High Pressure
High Capacity

High Pressure
High Capacity


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